Well, once again I find myself facing an uphill climb after plunging to yet another low.  Is it thrilling?  Yes, a life change is always a little thrilling.  

But is it scary?  Oh best BELIEVE it’s scary.  Especially when you’re not really prepared for it.

I mean, I suppose I knew it was coming.  But I tried to pretend that things would get better and it wouldn’t have to happen.  Another brilliant bad choice of mine.  So instead of preparing and being ready for it, here I am stuck high and dry, drifting in the wind…and desperately relying on God again.

But I’ve heard so many times, and I truly believe, that God allows times like these for His children to (1) teach you a lesson (you need to correctly learn a lesson, or He will continue to give you the same test over and over again until you get it right), (2) make you realize just how much you need Him, and (3) make you turn to Him and draw all that much closer to Him.  When you realize that all you have is God, you realize that God is all you need.

So maybe, hopefully, this next section of my roller coaster life will be the smoothest one yet.  I’ll let you know once I’ve crested this new hill and can actually see what’s in front of me.  Those who know the words of prayer, I would appreciate your prayers during this time.  Thank you in advance, and be blessed!