This post may be a bit different from my previous ones, but it’s still part of the roller coaster ride of life.

The fall is quickly coming upon us, which means back to school time.  For me, this means sending my daughter off for her junior year at THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go, Tarheels!!) in just a couple of weeks.

It does get easier each year, but to say that it’s still not a bit of a roller coaster ride would be quite far from the truth.  I am completely elated that my daughter is returning to her dream school to dive deeper into her chosen course of study.  I am very proud of how well she’s done her first two years, and have the greatest expectations for this her upcoming third year.  But it does make me feel quite sad that she will not be here with me.  She may be twenty years old, but she is and always will be my baby.

I am blessed to have a very good relationship with my daughter…now.  Although she won’t admit it, we are very similar in personality, which means that we tend to bump heads occasionally.  But not as much now as when she was younger.  I will by no means claim that I am a perfect mom, but I have always tried my best.  And if the way she has turned out is any indication, I believe I’ve done a fairly decent job.

I’ve always said that there are two ways to learn something:  (1) learn what to do, or (2) learn what NOT to do.  Let’s just suffice it to say that my relationship growing up with my own mother taught me a lot of things NOT to do, and I have tried to keep those as guidelines for raising my own child.

As many things as I feel that I’ve messed up in my life, I feel like she is the best thing that I’ve ever done.  She brings me great joy, and I love her more than I could ever express.  And as happy as I am for her to continue her college life….I will miss her terribly.


Thank you to Joel A. Rogers,, and the internet for the featured picture for this post.