Well, that rough ride is over, and I’ve come into the station….a NEW one!  After (too) much fretting and worrying, I have a new home.  (yay, me!)

I am so glad that I serve a God of a second chance……and a third chance……and a 50th chance…..and a five THOUSANDTH chance.  Lord knows, I have needed every one He’s given me.  But I really think this one is going to be better.  At least I pray it is.  I’d hate to think I’ve screwed up for the past 47 years just to think things are finally going to go okay, and just let myself down again.  

Yes, I realize most of the bad situations – well, say 60% of the bad situations I’ve found myself in have been direct results of my own bad choices.  Moving too quickly.  Thinking with my heart, not my head.  Trying to do what I think is the right thing, instead of waiting for God to tell me what the right thing actually is.  But I’ve made up my mind to truly deepen my relationship with God, get off my lazy butt and stop talking about it and actually doing it.  And it’s starting to sink in that the closer I get to God, the better I’ll be able to hear Him and His direction.  If I want Him to lead my life, I need to be close enough to Him to hear which way He’s telling me to go.

It’s not going to be easy though.  And it’s not going to be quick.  If you’ve spent almost five decades walking in the wrong direction, you’re not going to get to where you’re supposed to be overnight.  I guess this is where the patience needs to kick in too.  And prayer – MUCH prayer.  And I would appreciate it if those of you who read this who truly know and believe in the words of prayer would keep me in yours as I start looking for my next ride with God.  Thanks.  Blessings, love, and peace to all!