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February 2017

London, “Eye” Thank You.

Yeah, I know. That’s a really corny title.  Just lightening the tone a little before I get into something that’s probably going to take me deeper than I’d like, but here we go.

So…..on January 5th, 2017, my daughter’s father and I took her to Raleigh to have a little lunch, knock around town for a little while with her..….and then put her on a plane to London for five months.  Oh.  My.  Lord……

In my 47 and a half years of life, I do believe it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

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The Drop

Wow…..has it REALLY been September since I last blogged?  To those of you who were kind enough to read and follow and maybe even subscribe to my blog, I apologize profusely.  Over all, I’ve been on a pretty wicked drop…screaming in terror….picking up speed…..waiting, hoping, and praying for the fun to actually begin.  So much has happened, I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just jump in somewhere.

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